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Genus Cheliomyrmex Mayr


      Cheliomyrmex Mayr, 1870b:968 Type-species (Cheliomyrmex nortoni Mayr, 1870b) = Labidus morosus F. Smith, 1859b; monobasic.  

      The genus Cheliomyrmex is the least known of the New World army ant genera, of the four recognized species, C. morosus is the best known and has the widest distribution.
       No complete colony has ever been found for any of the species and the queen caste is unknown, the larvae of one species (C. megalonyx) have been described by Wheeler and Wheeler (19..).

C. andicola Emery, 1894 Brazil, Colombia, Peru (Map 1)
     = C. nortoni andicola Emery, 1894
     = C. morosus ursinum Emery, 1901

C. audax Santschi, 1921 Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador (Map 1)
     = C. morosus audax Santschi, 1921

C. megalonyx Wheeler, 1921 Guyana (British Guiana) (Map 1)

C. morosus (F Smith, 1859b) Mexico to northern South America. (Map 2)
     = C. nortoni Mayr, 1870b
     = Eciton morosum var. payarum Forel 1899

1 Body color variable, light tan to dark brown; head and thorax thickly punctate
-- Body reddish yellow; head and throax smooth, moderately shining
2 (1) Sixth flagellar segment broader than long; metapleuron punctate
-- Sixth flagellar segment longer than broad; metapleuron with fine striae

1 Body color black or reddish brown morosus
-- Body color reddish brown 2
2 (1) Metatibia distinctly bent, dorsal longitudinal surface distinctly concave
-- Metatibia not distinctly bent, dorsal longitudinal surface straight


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